Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood

To purchase book: Spiritual Catagory page 45. Or: Book revealing exact day of Jesus' return. Matthew 24 does not say we cannot know when Jesus is coming. It states no one knows the day nor the hour of heaven and earth's destruction. "Heaven and earth shall pass away (be destroyed)...but of THAT day and THAT hour knows no man..." This is referring to Revelation 20:11. The Father shows His face and heaven and earth get destroyed. But this has nothing to do with being able to know when Jesus is returning. Jesus told us to look for the sign of the Son of Man. This sign has been around since Genesis 1. Notice Jesus' Words in Matthew 24 parallel Isaiah 13. Jesus was quoting from Isaiah 13 in Matthew 24. He expected us to figure this out. Isaiah tells of a nuclear war between the Medes (present day Kurds) and Babylon (present day Iraq). Iraq is destroyed and no one ever lives there again. This war sends the earth out of orbit and into the darkness of space according to Isaiah 13:12-13. This is why Jesus said that immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days the trumpet for the angels to gather the elect would be blown. This is the rapture. It does not occur until after the specific sign Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24. He called it the sign of the Son of Man. This sign symbolizes the three days He spent in the grave. That is why He said the sun, moon and stars would not give their light. Isaiah says it one way and Jesus tells us what it will look like as the earth leaves its orbit. It will look like the stars are falling to the earth, but it will actually be the earth leaving its orbit as Isaiah prophesied. Genesis opens with the earth being in darkness and flooded. Jesus' return will be likewise. Notice the sun, moon and stars are not placed into the heavens to give light to the earth until the fourth day. There were three days of darkness first. Yes, God said, "Let there be light," long before the fourth day. However, He also tells us He seperated the light from the darkness. He did not permit the light to enter into the darkness until the fourth day. These first three days of darkness were meant to honor the time Jesus the light of the world would be in the grave. We see these three days of darkness again as God makes His covenant with Abram in Genesis 15. A horrible darkness comes upon Abram. No explanation is given. However, some 430 years later, on the anniversary of this covenant, God delivers Abraham's descendants using this same sign. Moses lifts up his hands towards heaven symbolizing Jesus on the cross and three days of darkness fall upon Egypt. We see this sign again in a shortened version as Jesus hangs on the cross. Three hours of darkness fall upon Israel. Then Jesus the light of the world is buried for three days. To purchase book: [URL][/URL] Spiritual Catagory page 45 Or: [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL]

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