Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Genesis'

Did you know the Word of God has two Genesis'? This is a mystery that deserves some unraveling. If you are interested in an explanation of this matter, continue reading.

The first Genesis has to do with God the Father's desire to give dominion over the earth to His Son Jesus and His bride the Church. The second Genesis has to do with Jesus' creation of Adam and Eve and giving them their mission on this earth.

What I would most like to point out about these two Genesis' is that one is prophetic while the other is showing Jesus' creation of natural mankind. It is the Father's Genesis which is shown first. This speaks of His desire to create Jesus and the Church in His image.

There are six days mentioned in the first Genesis account which are days of God the Father. Jesus' days are 1000 years each according to Psalm 90:4. These days are not the same as His Father's days which are much longer.

This is why Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that heaven and earth would be destroyed, but no one not even Him knew when it would occur to make room for the new heavens and new earth. Jesus does not know how long His Father's days are.

In the first Genesis, God the Father gives an unconditional rule over the earth and its inhabitants to mankind. This is speaking of Jesus and the Church. God would never give unconditional rulership over the earth to a sinful creation like natural mankind. Thus God is referring to Jesus and the Church whom He will give this unconditional rule too.

In the first Genesis, God creates mankind on the sixth day. This is a prophecy of how long it will take for Jesus and His bride to be completed. But in the second Genesis account which is Jesus' creation of natural man who will become His bride, Adam is created before the animals showing that Adam has first place in Jesus' heart.

While dominion of the earth is given to Adam in the second Genesis by Jesus, it is conditional. Adam may eat of all the trees but one. This sets Adam up for the fall and thus gives Adam the means by which he will learn good from evil. Adam will learn to choose good over evil by experiencing evil first.

This was Jesus' plan. He first desired for man to learn the difference between the two so that man could choose Him over evil. But there had to be a learning process in order to accomplish this. Thus we have the history of mankind since the Garden of Eden.

In the first Genesis we see no curse associated with the creation. In the second we see a curse of death instilled. This is to teach Adam and Eve the effects of sin firsthand. Thus they will learn to hate sin. But God the Son was willing to go through the teaching process with His creation. This is why there are two Genesis' in God's Devine Word.

Jesus' days are inside of God the Father's days. They are shorter. Otherwise, the Word could not declare that a thousand days is as yesterday to God. Again it is written; "A day to God is a thousand years and a thousand years is but a day to God."

Jesus Villalobos

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