Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are we Headed for Nuclear War?

Are we headed for nuclear war?
Jesus Villalobos on December 28,
As depressing as the title of this blog may be, I dare say yes. I am a firm believer in Bible prophecy coming to pass. If you do not believe in Bible prophecy you should not read the rest of this blog as it will only serve to cause you grief. For Scripture tells us that Isaiah 13 prophesies a world wide nuclear war.

Jesus makes mention of this war in His Matthew 24 discourse on end time events. He quotes from Isaiah 13 telling us the sun, moon and stars will be darkened just before His return. Unfortuanately, today's so-called theologians have neglected to understand that Jesus was quoting Isaiah 13 in Matthew 24.

This has led to much confusion in the Churches as to what lies ahead for them in the near future. They are preaching a rapture which will take them out of harm's way of any future world wide catasrophe. Unfortunately this is not what Jesus prophesied. He was truthful about the fact that the world would see a nuclear war which would send the earth out of its present day orbit from around the sun into a dark part of space where no light would be able to reach it.

He was quoting Isaiah 13:12-13. This passage of Scripture tells us that God will shake the heavens and the earth will move OUT OF ITS PLACE. This will bring about what Jesus called the sign of the Son of Man in His Matthew 24 discourse. This sign is; "Three Days of Darkness and is equated to His time He would spend in the grave. Since Jesus called Himself the light of the world, His burial left the world without His light for three days. This is what He calls His sign or the sign of the Son of Man.

This sign is mentioned throughout Scripture and is intended to be equated to the time Jesus would be in the grave. The first mention of this sign is in the opening passages of Genesis. If you will notice, the sun, moon and stars are not placed into the heavens to give light upon the earth until the fourth day. The first three days are total darkness.

Yes, God said, "Let there be light," long before the fourth day. However, He also tells us He seperated the light from the darkness. He did not permit the light to enter into the darkness upon the earth until the fourth day which is why He had to create the sun, moon and stars to light the earth. This begins a pattern in the Scriptures which appears at key points of Mankind's history.

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Jesus Villalobos

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