Thursday, October 14, 2010


According to the Word of God there is nothing new under the sun. If we take this at face value, we may just be on the right track. The Word of God declares that everything that is has already been and that which will be is nothing new. Ecclesiastes 1:9-10.

So if we can take this literally and I believe we can, then quantum physics seems to meld with Scripture since they find that everthing seems to be a matrix or hologram that exists. In other words, science is finding out that the very fabric of life itself is only a remembrance of things gone by. Although they have not exactly phrased it this way, the evidence is piling up to prove this.

Even the quantum makeup of vegetation has one long DNA so to speak on one side and one short DNA quantum makeup on the other side. This I believe is to show both truths. The long DNA quantum makeup shows the actual life of the vegetation when it lived. The short DNA which is the same only shorter, would be what we are experiencing now as the memory of the vegetation that once existed.

While science is perplexed by their discoveries, I find it amusing that the Word of God explains what they cannot. Everything that is has already existed in times past, so there really is nothing new under the sun. Only the memory lingers now due to God revealing what has already been to each of us as He replays our lives to us to show why He is just for each of our judgments.

In other words, the life that you think you are living now is but the memory of the life you have already lived. God is now showing you your life via your memory. this is why your life seems so short.

Consider it as if you tried to remember yesterday. You could recall in seconds what took hours to live. And so it is with quantum physics. This is why they can locate a photon but cannot tell its speed. If they clock its speed, they cannot find its location.

This is comparable to running a movie. If you stop the film you can find the single frame. But if it is running, you cannot find the single frame but rather the whole of the sequence of the movement. This is quantum physics in a nutshell.

Another way of putting it is that living an action is very different from remembering an action. If you are remembering an action you can find no substance of the action. But if you are actually doing the action, it has substance.

This is why they say that although light is the makeup of all things in quantum physics, it seems to have no mass. If it has no mass then it cannot exist. They are 100% correct. This is because what exists now is only the memory of what was.

This correlates to the fact that everything is made up of carbon. A fire destroys everything reducing it to carbon. This is exactly what the Bible declares God will do at the end of time. Well, actually it has already been done.

This is why everything is found to be made of carbon. It is a testimony that God is telling the truth. This creation has already passed by. But each person is receiving their own memory of the life they have already lived. Yes, it feels real. Just as when we dream it feels real. But it is only the memory of what we lived.

The new creation will begin after all have been judged and received their individual memory of what they did. Then all will know that their judgment was justified whether for good or for evil, heaven or hell.

This should solve the mystery of quantum physics for you. God bless.

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