Monday, November 15, 2010

What can we expect Biblically in 2012

Jesus left us with a specific sign of His one and only return. Matthew 24 clearly tells us that the sun, moon and stars will go dark before Jesus returns for the rapture of His elect. The timing of the rapture is clearly given by Jesus as being after these things happen.

Three Days of darkness precede Jesus' coming. This is what He called the sign of the Son of Man in Matthew 24. He was quoting from Isaiah 13 in His Matthew 24 discourse on end times. This is apparent if you look at the descriptions of both chapters.

In Matthew 24 Jesus warns not once but twice of those who will say "Behold He is in the desert." and "Behold He is in the inner chamber." Jesus warns us not to believe those who try to tell us He will come before the appointed sign known as the sign of the Son of Man.

He had good reason to warn us of these two things. For Jesus said His coming would be as the days of Noah. In the days of Noah, the sons of God (these were devils) looked upon the women of the earth and had sexual relations with them.

This union is what caused God to destroy the entire human race except for Noah and his family. What Jesus is warning about is that this false rapture will occur again just before His one and only return which will happen only after the sign of the Son of Man He mentions in Matthew 24.

Today's so-called theologians are setting the Church up for the most fantastic deception ever perpetrated by Satan. He will use UFOs to counterfeit the rapture of the Church by having his devils appear to people telling them it is time to go to Jesus who is waiting in the desert or the inner chambers.

This is the reason for Jesus' stern warning not to listen to these devils. This will turn out to be a world-wide deception come 2012. We must remember that the Mayans were into human sacrifice which is demonic at its base. Yes, the devils will return as they told the Mayans to harvest or counterfeit the rapture.

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